How’s Amelia Doing?

The most popular question that I get from readers and fans is, “So how is Amelia doing?” I am pleased to say that she is doing amazing! Amelia is now 15 months old…healthy, happy, and thriving.

Amelia is probably the happiest toddler that I have ever encountered. Since the day she was born, it is very rare if she ever cries. From the moment she wakes up, she is all smiles and laughs. Even at an early age, she seems to recognize that she is funny and always goes out of her way to make people laugh. She has more energy that I thought was possible and doesn’t stop running around until 8pm when it is bedtime.

Amelia’s favorite thing to do is climb into her toyboy and ‘throw’ every single toy out of it. She really enjoys playing on her slide, playing with her dolls, or explore the woods with her Dads. Her favorite shows are Harry the Bunny and The Dance Time Boys on Baby First. She has two older cousins that live in the same area and she cannot get enough of them. When she sees them she just lights up.


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