Last call for the $.99 sale of Parched – now an Amazon Top 10 Best Seller

Now an Amazon top 10 best seller – Parched is still on sale for only $.99. The sale ends this Sunday so be sure to get your copy now.

Parched has received glowing praise from leading literary leaders such as Kirkus, Blue Ink, Midwest Book Review, and many more. It is currently rated 4.9 stars on Amazon.

Parched is a dystopian and post-apocalyptic thriller set in a world where the sun has become a ‘red giant’. A red giant is when the sun begins to burn out and the result is a hot and dry planet. With complete anarchy throughout the world, the Deforio family sets out on a journey to find food, water and shelter. As they travel from California to Ohio, they face extreme environmental conditions, warlords, bandits, and killers.

Get your copy today for only $.99. The Kindle book can be read on any device – Iphones, laptops, desktops, Ipads, tablets, etc. You can also use the Amazon e-reader or download the free Kindle App.

Thanks for the support.

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